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My wish to the world is; No More War, Hunger or Fear.


At age 12, Tom Lambert first took to the stage with a troop of vaudeville entertainers, based in Ligoniel, Belfast N. Ireland. 'The Vincinnetts' as they were known, staged concert shows all over Ireland and Tom first cut his musical teeth, 'On The Boards' as they say in show-business

In the middle 60s, Tom started to write and perform country music in the local bars and clubs and in 1970 he moved to South Australia. It was in Adelaide, were Tom signed to the 'Nationwide Label' and along with his good friend Joe Madill (also from Belfast) penned and recorded his first country album 'Big Rig Blues'.

The album was a big success, so good in fact that Tom was nominated in no less than 5 categories of ' The Third Wrangler Australasian Country Music Awards' held at 'Tamworth Town Hall' NSW. (Australia's Grand Ole Opry ) on January 27th 1974.

APRA Awards

  1. The Best Australasian Recorded Composition.    ' Big Rig Blues '.
  2. Best Australasian Country Music LP. (Album)    ' Road To Gold '.......Re-Released & Digitally Re-Enhanced as ' The Australian Era '
  3. Best Australasian Country Music Male Vocal.    ' Tom Lambert '.
  4. Top Selling Australasian Country Music Track.   ' Big Rig Blues '.
  5. Best New Australasian Country Music Talent.    ' Tom Lambert '.

In 1976, Tom returned to Ireland, to live at his present home in Lurgan Co. Armagh and has been writing and performing country music to audiences throughout Ireland, at week-ends, week-nights, on radio as a country music DJ and doing his daytime job, driving trucks.

Tom's latest CD album 'American Heart' (part one) 10 new original tracks is receiving air-play on radio stations as far afield as the USA, Denmark, Australia, the UK, throughout Europe on Country Music Radio and of course Ireland.

Tom was nominated and received the award for 'The Best New Country Music Singer-Songwriter' at the 'Radio Star' country music awards on the 17th April 1997.
Tom Lambert is one of country music's top singer-songwriters nationally and internationally.


Tom's F.A.Qs;


What is it like to be a Songwriter?

Well...that's a good question. It's very fulfilling...I mean when you sit down with a blank page, a pencil and a guitar and finish up with a lyric and a melody. You feel good! Then when you take your song into a recording studio and get to hear what good country musicians can do with creation takes on a life of it's own and when people want to hear and buy your finished work. You feel humble, elated and surprised.

I thank God for the ability to write and perform country music, that can give enjoyment, to many people.

How's the truck drivin' goin'? know what they say. Never give up your day job; But, I like drivin' trucks and it keeps me fit. The only thing wrong is it's much like being a performer...your home life suffers a little.

I guess that's why a truck driver and a performer, needs a very understanding woman. The lady in my life, thank god. Is That Woman!

Any new CD's or releases in sight?

Hopefully mid  2007 'American Heart' (part two) will be on sale here on ' RealCountry '. (fingers crossed)

At the moment I have taken time off from gigs and I am concentrating on writing new songs. I hope to be able to go into studio towards the end of 2009 or early 2010 to record 'American Heart' (part two).

In the meantime my Australian album 'Big Rig Blues' was re-release mid 2001 and the title of the album... ' The Australian Era '.

How did you come up with the album name' American Heart '?

The album name 'American Heart' came about because... there was a TV show here in Ireland called ''Bringing It All Back'' and it traced the music of the Irish and other Celts to the new world, where it underwent a change and became Bluegrass and Country. So when I was looking for a name for this release, some friends of mine came up with the idea, that an Irishman who writes and performs country music, must have an 'American Heart'. I liked the idea. Maybe that's why the people of Ireland and America have such an affinity with each other, we share a common culture and music...but, of course country music is written and performed all over the world and there are many great artists and writers from many countries.

You have your own website, do you think the internet is the way of the future?.

Absolutely;  you only have to look at the amount of music sites on the internet, and how many people from all over the world are visiting them. Also, the independent writer and artist can now promote his or her work worldwide, without having first to go through the big labels...and that can only be good for the buying public. People now can buy what they want and not what they're told to buy through high-powered advertising. Free downloads of music are available on sites, profiles of artists, listen before you buy. The internet is the way of the future.     

What's next for you big guy?

I'm not sure. The music game is a very fickle lady, one day your up and the next day your down. But one thing is for get to meet and make a lot of friends. I've got a lot of friends I try to keep in touch with and someday, maybe we'll all get together and have ourselves one hell of a jam session.

Until that day comes along, I'll just keep doing the things I love best. Writing and playing country music. You never know, like Jerry Reed said in ''Another Puff ''.... maybe I'll be a hit songwriter!

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Pete Smith/ Country Music Journalist & Broadcaster/ UK.

Writing in The Advertiser, The Catholic Post and Country Music Roundup.

Tom Lambert, from Belfast, began his entertaining career at the age of twelve. Dispirited by the troubles in his homeland, Tom moved to Australia where his stone country approach and songwriting talent quickly led to a recording contract.

In Australia Lambert was nominated for awards in several 'Best' categories including, Male Singer, Album, Song and Talent.

Returning to Ireland in 1976 Tom settled in County Armagh. 'American Heart' (part one) [TOM & JERRY Label] is the guy's latest album, a collection of original songs that owe nothing to contemporary Nashville or to Ireland, but are firmly seated in the traditions of Hank and Lefty, Red and Ernest. In fact Tom reminded me a little of Dave Dudley an impression enhanced by the frequent references to trucks.

Tom has a very strong baritone that he uses to good effect on these ten  
"real country" songs. 
'A Truckers Tribute To Red Sovine' 'Country Line Dancin' Queen'

Irene Flind-Madsen/ Radio Amager, Skovlunde, Denmark.

Great mix of up-tempo and ballads, my favorite songs are /ALL CUTS.

Graham Hassall/ Country Music Journalist & Broadcaster / Radio Nightingale, Notts,  England.

Writing in North Country Music.

A thoroughly enjoyable CD with great traditional style, super singing and music on every track.

This talented singer/songwriter puts his songs over really well and I have chosen these as my favorites, 
'A Truckers Tribute To Red Sovine' ( a great tribute song) 'Honky Tonk And Lovin' and 'Crazy Love ( from a crazy lady)' all are terrific tracks. I also rate these as very good offerings,
'One Stop Too Many'/
'Country Sound'/ 'Wanderin' Woman' and 'Lonesome Man'.

Toms easy, laid back style is very appealing country music, making this a quality release.

Chris Pasco/ BBC Radio Cornwall, Truro.

Nice one, look forward to 'Part Two'. My favorite songs are; 'A Truckers Tribute To Red Sovine'/ 'One Stop Too Many'/ 'Country Sound'.

Alan Potter/Stray FM, Yorkshire Dales Radio.

I enjoyed the album very much. Good trad' sounds but not dated. Tom has an authentic sounding country voice and I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.

My favorite songs are 'A Truckers Tribute To Red Sovine'/ 'One Stop Too Many'/ 'Country Line Dancin' Queen' and 'Crazy Love ( from a crazy lady'.


Part narrative, part sung, Irish native Tom Lambert puts forth a pure country collection of honky-tonk tunes that range from line dancing descriptions to trucker storytelling of Phantom 309 in his CD, "American Heart (Part One)"
The record opens with "A Truckers Tribute to Red Sovine" - a somber story of the impact Red Sovine had on the singer. Track 4, "One Stop Too Many", moves more as a 2/4 ballad - with a nice job on vocals by Lambert. The highlight of the CD is track 7's knee slap achy breaky part as Lambert launches into "Country Line Dancin' Queen" - he sings, 'she's a good 'ol rock and roll a boot skootin' boogie country line dancin' queen'. Track 9, "Wanderin' Woman", is a country tune of loss as Lambert sings of his efforts to make his woman happy to the point that he 'almost died', and gives his girlfriend the advise to 'go on out and catch yourself that train'. Overall, this is pure country, lined with Lambert's mature and sincere vocal lines. The tunes are well written and produced professionally. Luck of the Irish bodes strong with Lambert's ten song effort - and we're the lucky beneficiaries. Good stuff.

"Holger Petersen", 

"The best of true and real country music I have heard for a long time. It's hard to pick up a special song, 'cause all the songs are special to me, so love them all. And to you Tom, keep up with your real good work!
Holger. Radio DNK 1, Denmark.",

"Chuck Wilson",


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TOM LAMBERT: 'American Heart' (part one)

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